Handmade Candles Make Thoughtful Gifts

Take a look at our hand-poured candle selection in Le Roy, MN

A Gift To Gab has up to 30 different scents at all times but up to 300 seasonal scents. Each one is made from 100% soy wax and hand-poured into a Mason jar or specialty holder. So when you want to get your loved one a special gift, give them one of our hand-poured candles.

Visit our gift shop in Le Roy, MN today to...

Buy a handmade candle to add to your seasonal collection
Order handmade candles in bulk to give to your loved ones
Talk with Cristi for custom requests!

We are able to pour a wide range of scents and colors - you name it, we can create it.

Those sweet treats are actually soy candles

You might notice what look like desserts sitting on our shelves. They're actually hand-poured candles made to resemble treats like ice cream sundaes, cinnamon bread and cupcakes.

We have over 300 scents to choose with seasonal candles that smell like lemon cake, strawberry shortcake and Marshmallow Peeps. Call 507-324-1436 now to find out what scented candles we've just put out at our gift shop in Le Roy, MN.